Cited by Forbes as one of 2017's top trends that will transform digital media, Influencer Marketing is becoming a must-have for brands. The trend started picking up a few years ago as Instagram, Snapchat and other new social media outlets began to move up the ranks. This type of marketing uses influencers (bloggers, celebrities or people with high social followings) to spread the word about their product or brand. 

What's so powerful about influencer marketing is that it lets brands spread their message to a loyal audience they would not otherwise reach. Known as influencers, individuals with large social followings are a great way to tout your brand, especially if they are authentic and have a strong bond with their readers.  

While this is the hot marketing strategy of the moment, many blogs are becoming saturated with ads. To make an impact in a now competitive space, here are a few things to consider when laying the groundwork for your Influencer Marketing strategy: 

1. Does the influencer receive engagement: Yes, it's a numbers game out there, but no matter how many followers someone has, you have to ask how many of those people are listening. A way to gauge this is their post likes, shares and comments. If people are engaged, your chances of making an impact with their readers are greater. 

2. Is the influencer creative: How well does the influencer create meaningful product ads that don't even seem like ads? Look at their other brand partnerships and see if their posts show brands in a way you want your company to be shown and make sure their sponsored content is not repetitive or canned. 

3. Does the influencer cover your topic: If you're a tech company and you are using an influencer that has a huge following of fashion followers, this might not be the right fit for you. Stay within your realm and make sure that their core following will be interested in your what you have to offer. 

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