Social Media Updates July 2019

Get the scoop on social media changes and updates for July 2019.

We’ve (almost) hit the halfway point of 2019 and we’ve got updates to share with you from the ever-changing realm of social media. 

1. LinkedIn: Yep, it’s true. The all-powerful hashtag has made its way to the business world. Raise your hand if you were a little surprised when suggested hashtags began to pop up while writing a LinkedIn update. Us too. 

 What You Need to Know: When you log into LinkedIn, you’ll see a place to add recommended people, companies and now hashtags to your feed. That box on the bottom right of your screen is significant because people are “following” hashtags, meaning select updates with those hashtags will show up in their feed (similar to Instagram). 

Our Recommendation: If there’s a hashtag relevant to your personal or company update, roll with it. Plus, if it’s a popular or previously established hashtag, there are people following it, giving you the extra chance of broader visibility. 

2. Facebook: Beginning on August 1, say goodbye to the parking details on your business page’s “About” section. 

 What You Need to Know: If your business is located in an area where parking is scarce, this small detail can be helpful to users. However, even though the “street, valet and parking lot” checkboxes will be no more, you can add a quick line to your page’s description highlighting your location’s parking options. 

 Our Recommendation: If parking isn’t a big issue in your area, this isn’t an essential tidbit of information. No need to add it to your profile description and use up valuable character space. 

3. Twitter: @TwitterSupport has announced that precise location tagging is being turned off. 

 What You Need to Know: Not an essential feature, take this as a win for your personal privacy. Plus, if you really want people to know where you are at that exact moment, use the Twitter camera feature. 

 Our Recommendation: If a Tweet is location-specific, take that into account when you are choosing a hashtag. Do a quick search to find established hashtags in your area and add one that is relevant to the end of your Tweet. 

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Social Media Updates July 2019
Carolyn Anger